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The Best Outdoor Activities in Winter

When the cold weather hits, it becomes much more difficult to find fun outdoor winter activities for men who enjoy an active lifestyle during the warmer seasons. Do not default to sitting in front of the computer or television with your feet up and some snacks at your side. This list of fun things to do in winter will keep your fitness high, your sense of adventure satisfied, and your mind occupied.

Skiing or Snowboarding

If you are lucky enough to have a hill in your backyard or live near a ski mountain with affordable rental and lift fees, you can ski or snowboard all season long. Do not forget about cross-country skiing. This gives you more opportunities to get outside even if you are not a daredevil. The local park or nature trails offer opportunities to head out for some exercise.

Best Outdoor Winter Activities for Men-Skiing


Metal Detecting

You do not need warm weather to grab the best metal detector for beginners and head out into the world to search for treasure. [i] This is a great low-impact outdoor winter activity for men who enjoy tech and nature. If you need to buy Christmas gifts for men on your list this year, consider an affordable metal detecting device that anyone can use with ease.

 best waterproof metal detector for beginners


Ice Fishing

Do you love to grab your rod and reel during the summer and autumn seasons and try your hand at landing the biggest catch? If the lake freezes over solid in the winter, consider ice fishing as a great alternative. While you will need to invest in some new equipment, that can be part of the draw of these types of fun things to do in winter with your buddies.

Best Outdoor Winter Activities for Men-Ice Fishing


Snow Sculpture or Building

Shoveling snow is never fun unless you have a grand plan in mind for what to do with all the white stuff afterward. While building a snowman with the family is a great afternoon event, why not fill your time more fully with a new hobby in snow sculpture or building? This can include everything from creating amazing decorations for your lawn to constructing a whole igloo out of icy blocks in the backyard. Learn new craftsmanship techniques and have fun at the same time.

Winter Wildlife and Scenery Photography

For men who like things a little bit slower paced, winter adventure does not need to involve high-speed downhill action or ice-cutting chisels and chainsaws. Grab your camera or just your phone and head out into the wilderness to find interesting things to create memories. Combine this with birdwatching, wildlife tracking skills, or even active pastimes like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Another option is fat-tire biking. Kit your mountain bike with special snow tires and hit the trails.

Best Outdoor Winter Activities for Men- fat-tire biking

 cr.Marc Bruxelle

Sleds, Tubes, and Toboggans

Is sliding down a hill at high speeds just to the kids? No way! As long as you take some precautions, sledding, tobogganing, and snow tubing are great outdoor winter activities for men too. Search your local area for special hills or even commercial venues that offer special trails or equipment rental.

Best Outdoor Winter Activities for Men-Sleds

 cr.Robert Pernell

As you hunt for the best Christmas gifts for men this year, keep these amazing outdoor activities in mind. From the pure adventure of a metal detector to the uniquely creative hobby of ice sculpture, you can find the perfect gear to keep everyone on your list active and happy this holiday season.



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