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PANCKY was founded by a group of people who are just obsessed with metal detecting as you are. Driven by our consistent and genuine passion, we have grown into a metal detector manufacturer with ample experience in the field. For over 24 years, we have seen and done a lot as a manufacturer as well as a group of devoted detectorists. We understand better than anyone else that metal detecting can be quite challenging to start as a hobby. Therefore, in addition to providing the pros with great performance and effective functions, we also ensure that our products are beginner-friendly. Guided by that principle, we have created all our currently available products, supported by 2 decades of R&D and manufacturing experience, as well as the expertise of our factory. 

The passion for metal detecting has been a pillar for PANCKY’s development. Our consistent passion has driven us to transform from absolute beginners to a professional metal detector supplier with abundant experience and a rich product catalogue. During the process, not only have we developed great insights regarding what beginners need, but have also built strong capabilities in chip R&D that will further drive the development of PANCKY. In other words, with 20 years of manufacturing experience under our belt, PANCKY has become an expert in the field, especially when it comes to the R&D and chip manufacturing. PK Pro 2.0, the latest self-developed chip by PANCKY, is currently adopted in the PK0075 core series, increasing the detection speed by 30% and detectable depth by 15%. That was achieved all thanks to PANCKY’s dedication to metal detecting. 

Our vision has remained and will remain the same in the future — to make this niche technology accessible to everyone, and turn this historical pastime with rich traditions into an educational, entertaining and inclusive activity of the modern day. In addition, while more and more people around the globe are starting to take an interest in metal detecting, we as the product and service supplier would like to provide them with even more multifunctional and high-performance devices, efficient and personalized services, as well as a friendly and vibrant community. 

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