Get A Metal Detector As a Gift For Your Family on National Son And Daughter Day

Every August 11th, parents are reminded to take a break from all the adult responsibilities and worries that occupy their minds and make time for their kids. National Son and Daughter Day is the perfect opportunity to find new family activities to do together and any excuse for quality time.[i] Choosing the right type of family gift can help create new interests and traditions. What could work better than a metal detector?


Why Metal Detectors Make Great Family Gifts 

The best gifts are ones that bring the family closer together and focus on both the parents and children’s interests, fun, and bonding time. The Pancky metal detector for adults (PK0075) brings amazing adventures, discovery, and fitness to parents and teenage sons and daughters alike.[ii] You will not get any complaints when you ask for a day out hunting treasures together. 

Pancky Waterproof Metal Detector


When it comes to family gift ideas, the best ones include memorable activities. Instead of organizing a short trip or attending a one-time event, however, look for something you can share over and over again. Metal detecting is a great option because it appeals to many different types of people.


Metal Detectors – Tech, Adventure, and Time Together

Kids of all ages love tech gadgets and science, and a metal detector is a great example of both of those things. You can all learn together how the machines find metal on the surface or buried underground. Then, the real fun starts.

Plan outings together to different locations of interest. These can be interesting historical sites like old battlegrounds, beautiful natural areas like beaches and forests, or even just the neighborhood park. Staging a treasure hunt in the backyard provides lots of fun for younger kids who may not have the stamina for metal detecting all afternoon.

What you find on your family adventure can also spark conversations and make things more exciting. Have a serious discussion about the environment and recycling if you find a lot of bottle caps or other garbage. At finding and potentially returning a piece of jewelry or gadget to the original owner is a great learning opportunity, too. Just imagine if you and your son or daughter finds real treasure together. All these benefits are brought to you when you choose some affordable and kid-friendly metal detectors for National Son and Daughter Day.

Metal Detector for Beginners

Can Little Kids Metal Detect Too?

Yes! You may have seen pictures of adults and teens with bulky metal detectors in the past, but Pancky has the solution for kids under seven-years-old. The PK1003 metal detector for kids is the perfect size and weight for easy use.[iii]  The little ones may not be able to spend hours at the park or beach hunting for treasures, but they can still get in on one of the best hobbies around. 


Metal Detectors for Kids


This year for National Son and Daughter Day, give a gift that goes beyond shiny wrapping paper. With a family collection of Pancky metal detectors, you also give the gift of time spent together with new fun family activities. To kids, that is the most precious treasure of all.