Guidelines for PANCKY PK0075 Metal Detector

1.Is Pancky PK0075 easy to assemble?

- Yes, PK0075 Metal Detector is quite easy to assemble. Here´s our assemble instruction video:

- Tips on how to assemble the "S Stem" direction:

 Also, if you want to view or download the manual of PANCKY PK0075 Metal Detector, you can click here directly: PK0075 MANUAL

2.Is Pancky PK0075 easy to use?

- Yes, PK0075 Metal Detector is quite beginner friendly. Here´s our usage video and some tips:

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3.How can I maintain PANCKY PK0075?  

- During use, avoid the detector colliding with hard objects or falling from a height, which may damage the internal components.

- The detector requires two 9-volt alkaline batteries, no more than 9V, otherwise the circuit may be damaged.Note that rechargeable batteries cannot be used.

- When the detector is not in use, the switch should be set to "OFF". When not in use for a long time, be sure to remove the battery.

- When finishing metal detecting, you may either tape the device or rinse the coil with clean water. This is gonna help you avoid future concerns.

- To keep the metal detector clean and tidy, it can be wiped with a damp cloth, but not with chemical cleaners.

4.What are the tips on using PANCKY PK0075?  

- Tips on how to remove the protective film:


- Tips on how to use the backlight:


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