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PANCKY PK0075 Guide: How to Use Your New Metal Detector

Thank you for choosing the PANCKY PK0075 metal detector to start your next treasure hunt! Before taking the equipment outside to begin searching, it helps to be prepared in the following ways.

       ● Bring your PANCKY PK0075 metal detector.
       ● It helps to have gloves and a shovel available.
       ● A detecting kit can help you find interesting things.
       ● Earphones allow you to search without disturbing others.
        How to Use Your New Metal Detector


        Metal detecting can take you into several different environments and conditions. Please ensure that you wear comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof apparel to have a safe and fun experience.

        With the PANCKY PK0075, you have a hobby or activity suitable for every age! This guide will help you learn how to use your new metal detector. You can click the video below to watch the full guide, or read the written instructions below.

         Also, if you want to view or download the manual of PANCKY PK0075 Metal Detector, you can click here directly: PK0075 MANUAL


        The PANCKY PK0075 is Easy Assembled and Ready to Use

        You can click to check the assemble video: Pancky PK0075 FAQs

        After your equipment is fully assembled, you will need to completely wrap the wires around the stem to improve the accuracy of the PANCKY PK0075 metal detector.
        If you allow the wires to hang from the metal detector’s stem loosely, the quality of your detecting experience may be reduced. A tight coil from top to bottom will provide the best results.


        Interference is possible from underground power lines, loose cable connections, improper swinging, or others nearby with their own metal detectors. When these elements are confirmed not to be in the area, lift the PANCKY PK0075 into the air and wait for the value to stabilize. Once it does, you can start metal detecting activities.

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        The PANCKY PK0075 Offers Different Detecting Modes

        Sound adjustments are possible by pressing the appropriate plus and minus keys. Click the Mode button to switch between the different modes the PANCKY PK0075 offers.
        1. The all-metal mode can detect all metal types. It is perfect for sweeping beaches, removing unwanted items from yards, or locating lost screws and hardware.
        2. In the discovering mode, you can press the plus and minus keys to exclude or increase the metal detector’s ability to find specific things during your search.
        3. Memory mode will automatically identify a target metal and search for something similar during your sweeps.
        4. Small iron pieces, nails, and similar items are ignored in Jewelry mode. This setting allows you to focus on specific things, especially if you know what you’re looking for in that environment.
        5. With the Pinpointer mode, you can home in on the exact location of a hit that the PANCKY PK0075 delivers while searching.


          These modes are suitable for those who plan to search large areas with their PANCKY PK0075 metal detector. Use a uniform, horizontal movement without shaking to achieve the best results.


          As with any activity, it is crucial to start your metal detecting while accounting for your current physical conditions and whatever challenges you face in the targeted environment. Although the PANCKY PK0075 is lightweight and accessible for almost everyone, please remember to take breaks when needed. The treasure will still be there after you get some water or have a snack while resting.



          Adjust Sensitivity Levels on the PANCKY PK0075 for Precise Results

          When other metals are in your search grid, the PANCKY PK0075 might pick up signals from those items. If you experience this interference, you can reduce the unit’s sensitivity levels by pressing the SENS button and adjusting through the plus or minus commands.


          The coil on the PANCKY PK0075 might require adjustment to be completely parallel to the ground.
          Keep the coil close and parallel to the surface when using the metal detector. Significant movements could negatively impact the depth and accuracy of the equipment.


          If you’ve found an item in a large block, use the PP - Pinpointer mode for fast and accurate targeting. Lift the machine up and wait for the screen to stop flashing. Then you can aim it at the area you previously explored. You'll hear a more substantial sound signal as you get closer to the target metal at the coil’s center.

          The PANCKY PK0075 might be the perfect metal detector for beginners, but it provides the high-end features you want, including an IP68 waterproof rating. It is lightweight, robust, and has enough quality to fit the needs of advanced users.
          If you’re ready to have fun, you can use the PANCKY PK0075 to sweep beaches, shallow ponds, or natural trails while taking a hike. You never know what you might find!

          Pancky waterproof metal detector


          Tips for Using the PANCKY PK0075

          The PANCKY PK0075 metal detector can be used indoors, but this activity is not recommended. Electrical appliances will disrupt the signal. If you must use the equipment inside, please set it to the lowest sensitivity levels.
          Check all relevant rules, regulations, procedures, and laws before using your PANCKY PK0075 metal detector outside. Some areas do not permit detection activities. Please check our official website for more information about this potential issue.

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          Although the PANCKY PK0075 metal detector is waterproof, the control box is not. Please consider this fact when using your equipment in water or during days of heavy precipitation.


          The salt content in water can impact the PANCKY PK0075 in certain ways. Try wrapping the coil with tape or washing it with fresh, clean water after use to avoid having negative experiences on future treasure hunts.
          When digging into the ground to find a detected item, it helps to rotate the handle to the shovel and adjust it to different angles. Once locked in place, you’ll have a sturdy tool to use with the complete metal detection kit! We recommend using the 90- and 180-degree options.


          Once you’ve finished using your metal detector, you can store it by condensing it to the shortest length possible. Fold the coil, place it in the bag, and zip it for protection during transportation and storage. You can put your shovels, headphones, gloves, and other accessories in for added convenience.

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          Thank you once again for investing in the PANCKY PK0075 metal detector! We hope you have fun looking for treasure in your backyard, local parks, or at the beach. Happy hunting!

          Pancky waterproof metal detector for beginners