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Have you ever used a metal detector before buying a Pancky Metal Detector?

What is the price range you would consider acceptable for a Pancky Metal Detector? (Drag the slider below to make your selection.)
$ 120 $ 150
$105 $200
Which payment method do you use more often? (Select all that apply)

How did you learn about our brand/product? (Select all that apply.)

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What made you ultimately choose Pancky? (Select all that apply.)

Do you have any other information you would like to know besides the existing product information (e.g. warranty period and product features)?

Is it easy to find after-sale information on Pancky's official website?

What do you think of Pancky's after-sales service?(Dropdown selection,10 is best, 1 is worst)
Which channel do you prefer in terms of obtaining after-sales support? (Select all that apply.)

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PANCKY wants to prepare a big promotion day for customers, besides Black Friday & Cyber Monday, when would you prefer PANCKY's big promotion to take place?(Dropdown selection)
Will you introduce our brand/product to others?

Do you have any suggestions for improving Pancky Metal Detectors?

We are preparing new branded products as gifts, so what kind of gift do you expect to receive? (Select all that apply.)