What Buried Treasures Can You Find Underground: 5 Historical Discoveries That Shocked the World

Picture yourself discovering an incredible fortune hidden deep in the forest, or even in your own backyard. For some, this seemingly far-fetched fantasy is not entirely out of reach. Thanks to the power of metal detectors, lucky individuals occasionally unearth astonishing treasures. In today’s article, we will share five incredible discoveries made possible by metal detectors.

1.Roman Coins Found by a Beginner


In 2013, a British citizen, Wesley Carrington, purchased a metal detector. Within just 20 minutes of his first use, he discovered a hoard of Roman coins valued at nearly $127,000.


This is undoubtedly a pinnacle of beginner’s luck in treasure hunting. Wesley joked that his career as a metal detecting expert peaked early, which is not surprising given that many people spend decades searching only to find worthless junk. These coins, buried just 18 centimeters underground for 1,700 years, are so rare that historians consider them of "national significance."

 2.13-Year-Old Discovers a 10,000-Year-Old Meteorite

In 2012, 13-year-old Jansen Lyons used a homemade metal detector given by his grandfather to find a 4-pound meteorite on a ranch in New Mexico. This nickel-iron chondrite meteorite, originating from the early solar system, had been lying undiscovered for about 10,000 years. A portion of this meteorite is now on display at the University of New Mexico.


3.Massive Hoard of Coins

 In 2010, Dave Crisp from Britain discovered a massive hoard of Roman coins near Somerset. The Frome Hoard contained over 50,000 coins made mostly of silver and bronze, found in a large ceramic pot.


It is one of the largest hoards ever found in Britain. Crisp, who had not found anything this significant in his 22 years of metal detecting, was rewarded for his persistence. According to British law, he received half of the hoard's value, approximately $405,527, with the other half going to the landowner.

4. A 1913 Automobile


Not all miraculous finds are ancient. In 1966, a group of enthusiastic treasure hunters discovered an entire 1913 Ford Model T.


This was not a random find; a Detroit DJ shared the story of Perry Andrews, a local who allegedly buried the car in the 1920s to preserve its value, only to lose track of its location. The discovery confirmed local legend and added a unique chapter to history.

 5. Medieval Jewelry


In 2009, treasure hunters in North Yorkshire, England, unearthed a small but immensely valuable gold ring adorned with a blue gemstone and red glass. This ring was later sold to the Yorkshire Museum for $44,321 and became a focal point for academic research.


Most historians believe it dates back to 5th or 6th century Europe and likely belonged to royalty. The craftsmanship of the ring is astonishing, given its age, and evokes images of nobility.


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