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Finding Gold with a Treasure Hunter Metal Detector

Beginning metal detector fans often have dreams of finding gold or other treasures in the neighborhood park or at the local beach. While you are more likely to come up with coins, lost costume jewelry, sunglasses, and bottle tops, there are enough amazing gold discovery stories around for the intrepid treasure hunter. Metal detector hobbyists can keep their imagination primed every time they head out with their equipment until they have an amazing discovery story of their own to share.

The Mojave Nugget

One of the most amazing pure gold metal detector finds ever was the Mojave Nugget discovered in 1977. While flooring the Stringer district, a man named Ty Paulson found a massive gold nugget in the sand [1].  It weighed 156 ounces and is currently the largest California nugget find ever. Can you imagine breaking this record with your own treasure hunter metal detector?
Credit: Reno Chris at English Wikipedia

The Hand of Faith

The second largest gold nugget in the world, the so-called Hand of Faith for its unique shape, was also found by a metal detecting fan, this time in Australia [2]. Kevin Hillier discovered the 875 troy ounces of gold not long after starting his new hobby. His excitement at the discovery was surely patched by the $1 million plus payout he got from the appropriately named Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas.
Credit: FF23-fr - Own work, CC BY 3.0

Saddle Ridge Horde

A California couple out for a stroll near the Sierra Nevada mountains came across some rusty cans and dirty coins partially exposed on the ground [3]. They came back with their gold metal detector to sweep the area and ended up finding approximately $1 million worth of historical coins buried by some unknown person in the late 1800s.
Credit: Kagin

The Staffordshire Hoard

Terry Herbert, a metal detecting enthusiast who lived on a disability pension, without exploring the local fields one day with his treasure hunting metal detector, when he came across a scrap of gold close to the surface [4]. The find, which would become to be known as the Staffordshire Hoard, and which would take a large group of professional archaeologists to unearth, ended up being an incredible collection of gold, silver, and gemstone encrusted pieces including coins, weapons, jewelry and decorations from around 700 CE.
Credit: David Rowan, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Everyday Gold Metal Detecting Tales of Adventure

When it comes to treasure hunter metal detectors and hobbyists around the world, does not always take a news-worthy story to get the excitement soaring. Stories of finding gilded military button, antique gold coin, lost treasure, smaller gold nuggets, and pieces of unique jewelry fill the online forums dedicated to metal detecting. Many times, it may be a modern piece of jewelry that makes the gold sensor start beeping. However, there is nothing that beats the excitement of the hope that there is something more valuable than a bottle top, a broken keychain, or a quarter hiding under the ground.
Are you ready to hunt for treasure in your area? A gold metal detector can help you get started in this exciting, active, and rewarding pastime.