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First Time Treasure Metal Detector Unearths Iron Age Horde

People dream of finding important historical artifacts or golden treasure when they switch on their metal detector for the first time. Most, however, spend months or even years without finding anything of high value. For Ole Ginnerup Schytz, a Danish man visiting his friend in December 2020, the first time really was the charm [1]. Using the borrowed treasure metal detector, he came across what would end up being a 1500-year-old collection of jewelry, coins, and more.


The Setting for the Treasure Finding Tale

Metal detecting is legal all across Denmark, and they welcome amateur archaeologists who have contributed a lot to the collection of interesting finds over the years. There was nothing special about the field where Mr. Schytz began. It was simply a convenient spot on his friend’s farm. The site was not well known for any ancient civilizations or important historically in any way. At least, it was not until the treasure metal detector unearthed this amazing find.


The First Signs of Something Interesting

After you pick up your first device from metal detector stores like Pancky online, you cannot help but get excited about the possibility of discovering coins, jewelry, or anything more intriguing than a bottlecap. Mr. Schytz undoubtedly felt the same way, and when his detector beeped to indicate something in the dirt, he bent down and dug up a dirty piece of bent metal. In a later interview, he revealed that he thought was part of a herring can lid.
After a bit of cleaning, he decided to snap a photo and send it to the local Vejle Museum just in case it was something more interesting than cast-off trash. He never imagined what research would reveal.


One of the Greatest Iron Age Treasures Found

Mads Ravn, the head researcher at the museum, quickly assembled a team of archaeologists and sent them to the location of the first find. In short order, they dug up an amazing collection of 22 pieces of gold and jewelry that were buried on the spot in the sixth century. Altogether, the treasure weighed over two pounds and had a variety of medallions, coins, and other items grouped together.
These were not just simple things worth a lot for their gold content alone. The artistry of the carving and embossing clearly demonstrated that whoever owned this horde was rich and powerful enough to attract the best artisans of the time. With a simple jewelry detector, one man found a piece of history that gave a lot of interesting information about the Iron Age clans who lived in that part of Denmark centuries ago. Both representations of Odin, the Norse god, and Roman Emperor Constantine were found on various medallions.
Stories of finding treasure with metal detectors like this sparks the imagination of hobbyists all around the world. Are you likely to find ancient gold the first time you pick up a jewelry detector? No. Discoveries like these are rare, but they are always great reminders that the world contains many lost objects and hidden mysteries that are only waiting for someone to find them.