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World Wetlands Day - Best Choices of Green Outdoor Activities

Nature lovers should know that February 2nd is World Wetlands Day [i] , an opportunity to raise awareness and show appreciation for these essential ecosystems around the world. While an open-space clean-up or other eco-friendly activity is a great option, there are plenty of green outdoor activities full of fun, too. Better still, combine an entertaining pastime with environmental sustainability and help the Earth thrive at the same time.
Wetlands, which include things like lagoons, salt marshes, and mangrove swamps, may not exist in your area. However, you can still use World Wetlands Day as an opportunity to try a new activity that balances human and nature needs. If you find yourself asking, ‘What are the best outdoor activities near me?’ you only have to check out this list for ideas.

Picnic, Hike, and Park Clean-Up Day

One fun and rewarding day to combine the interests of human and nature is to spend time in the great outdoors with friends or family. Pack an organic picnic lunch, enjoy the scenery, and then clean up litter from your favorite local park. Attending an organized volunteer event so everyone can learn about environmental sustainability and protection gives you even more.

 family having picnic outdoors

Metal Detecting is a Great Green Outdoor Activity

Get out in nature with a net positive outcome when you try metal detecting. The best waterproof metal detector for beginners [ii] can help you find coins, lost jewelry, and trash that negatively affects the environment. This is an excellent example of a hobby you can do all year round alone or in a group that gets you out into nature and helps you make the world a better place.

best waterproof metal detector for beginners

Visit a Community Garden or Tree Planting Spot

When looking for green outdoor activities, think local. You will conserve gas and contribute nothing to pollution when you ride your bike to a community garden. All across the country, neighbors get together to grow organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers in sustainable ways and reap the delicious harvest of nutrition. If your town does not have one of these, look up any local tree-planting initiatives and get involved. The more plants the world has, the better.

Green Outdoor Activities-Tree Planting

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Wetlands and Waterway Adventures

Not every local lake, river, or canal has wetlands nearby, but they are a great opportunity to learn more about how the convergence of earth and water works. These unique ecosystems need protection for sure, but they also provide plenty of entertainment and adventure for individuals and families. Rent a kayak or canoe for a leisurely paddle to take things in from a new perspective. You can also stay on shore and simply enjoy the views.

People boating on river


No matter what activity you choose to participate in for World Wetlands Day, make sure to include plenty of education and understanding about these delicate and super important ecosystems. Whether you hunt for litter with a metal detector or replant seedlings in a destroyed forest, you can do your part to make the natural world a better place for everything and everyone who lives there.