Metal Detecting on the Beach – Summer Fun for Families

Make any summertime trip to the shore more exciting when you add beach detecting with a simple yet affordable metal detector. Busy locations like these increase the opportunity to find treasures like fallen coins, jewelry, and more. Many families pick up this rewarding hobby for the memories, excitement, and activity that gets people both old and young out of the house and on an adventure together.

Why Try Beach Detecting?

If finding a lot of items is your goal, metal detecting at a public beach is one of the top options. This is especially important if you go out with your kids, who will probably have less patience for long hours without finding anything. Also, it helps that the ocean and shoreline offer more recreational activities like swimming, finding shells, or even making sandcastles.
Another thing that makes beach detecting so great is that dry sand is so much easier to dig in then solid dirt in a field or other setting. You may not even need a trowel or other tools although kids may enjoy shaking a sieve to find a coin or lost piece of jewelry. As long as you only search after other visitors have left the area, you should not have any stressful confrontations either.
Pancky Waterproof Metal Detectors

Choose the Best Metal or Jewelry Detector

Get the whole family involved with beach detecting this summer when you buy the perfect metal detector for every individual. Young children can get in on the action with a PANCKY kids’ model that offers a smaller size, lighter weight, and easy to understand display. The affordable adult model offers more customization options that makes it an excellent jewelry detector too.

Where to Find Treasures on the Beach

One truth of metal detecting is that you are more likely to find hidden objects where a lot of people were active. You can start your search near the paths running to the beach, but if you go there with your whole family, it probably makes more sense to set up with your towels and umbrellas before heading out with your gear.
Two main zones of interest exist as you get closer to the water. First, there is a wide swath of space where people lay out their towels and enjoy the sun on the dry sand. Digging is easy here, and you are more likely to find dropped objects. Second, search with a waterproof metal detector on the wet sand closer to the waves. Depending on whether it is high tide or low tide, you may find many things that were dropped or knocked out of pockets when people were wading or swimming. Digging is more difficult here and you are more likely to get wet yourself.
Many families love to go to the beach in the summer season for swimming, sandcastles, and sun. If you want to make the next trip even more interesting for kids and adults alike, add beach metal detecting to the mix of great activities.