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Fun Activities for Labor Day Weekend

As the summer comes to an end, you may find yourself wondering what fun, outdoor activities you can do for Labor Day 2022. Classic options like town parades and backyard barbecues are always options, but why not give your friends and family something unique and memorable to round out the season this year? These five options go beyond the bounds of expectations and make Labor Day weekend something truly special.

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Kite Flying and Festivals

If you are anywhere near large field or beach, check your local listings for kite festivals on the long weekend. Not only can you fly your own high in the sky, but you will also be able to see an amazing array of unique designs, colors, and shapes. A stunt kite flying show will surprise you with the acrobatic movements these speedy kites can make.


A Local Bicycle Tour

Some cities have bike tour paths laid out for you to follow on their website or local app. Even if yours does not, a bit of quick research can help you create an interesting path to follow. Plan your route at home and make sure to get in some points of historical, cultural, or personal interest. It is a great way to have some fun with the family on Labor Day weekend. For more athletic people, consider a race or charity bicycle ride that supports one of your favorite causes.

Credit:Igor Kolos

Metal Detecting Adventure

Another great adventure to schedule at the beginning of September includes an outdoor treasure hunt with your very own metal detectors. The PANCKY® Metal Detector for Adult - PK0075[i] is an affordable and precise machine that teens and adults can use with ease even if they have never seen this type of equipment before, the popular brand also offers children’s models so the whole family can have fun together. Head out to the park or the local beach to look for coins, jewelry, or even just debris to throw away. You can even stage a treasure hunt in your own backyard with carefully hidden prizes placed beforehand.

Pancky Waterproof Metal Detector

Camp Out in the Backyard

Combine a cookout with even more fun when you set up a tent in the backyard, rollout the sleeping bags, and settle down for an overnight adventure. Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to get one last camping trip in before the cooler weather hits. Do not forget the marshmallows.


Soak Up Some History

Although many people see Labor Day as the unofficial end of the summer, it is really a holiday dedicated to the American worker and all the struggles people went through to create this country. Visit a local museum or attend a special presentation at the library or City Hall. Take some time out from the fun to truly appreciate the hard workers who came before you. No matter what you end up doing on this special holiday weekend, take some time out to remember why it exists in the first place.