Back to School with Metal Detectors – University Club Ideas

As young adults head back to college or university this autumn, they look forward to much more than classes and seeing friends again. Schools offer a wide variety of university clubs that let students enjoy themselves, learn new skills, and spend time with peers with similar interests. Although athletic clubs like football, tennis, and lacrosse are common, and academic groups like science and creative writing activities are popular, many people are looking for something truly unique and adventurous.


Great Ideas for Metal Detecting University Clubs

What should you do at club meetings? The obvious answer to this question is to go metal detecting. However, most people who sign up for the after-school group will probably not know how to use the detectors in the beginning. Schedule regular “how to” events on campus. These do not have to take a long time and can help market the club to other people passing by.
While you can stick to searching for dropped items on your university campus itself, it would probably be more fun to schedule day trips to local parks, beaches, and sites of historical interest. Before you do anything, make sure it is legal to metal detect at your chosen location. Teach group members the laws and rules of etiquette so you do not get any complaints or have your club shut down.

Your club can even meet on rainy or snowy days. Learn about the technology behind metal detecting or set up indoor scavenger hunts for club members to enjoy. You can even get involved with local, non-school-related groups and traveled to their events together. If your university club is quite large, it is a good idea to ask if you can take part before showing up. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to enjoying the metal detecting hobby with your student friends.

How to Start a School Club with Metal Detectors

With all the other things that grab attention these days, you may find it difficult to introduce the idea of metal detecting to fellow students. Start by offering demonstrations on the quad in the middle of campus and get your friends involved to drum up interest. If other people see you using metal detectors and finding objects, some will surely come over and want to get involved. After that, you can run regular meetings and events. Use many of the ideas listed above and get the word out however you can.
One of the most important aspects of running a successful activity group is having the best metal detector for beginners on hand. The PANCKY model offers a new option for after-school club use that is both easy to use and affordable. This is an important factor because you will need to provide multiple metal detectors for club members.

Pancky Waterproof Metal Detector

Students returning to school this autumn need more to look forward to than the usual athletics or academic meetings after classes. Metal detector university clubs offer activity and fitness, a science and tech focus with high interest, and an opportunity for people to get out, make new friends, and have fun together.