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Can Metal Detecting assist the brain in improving its functioning and in healing from injury?

This article was written by Neuropsychologist Dr. Douglas J. Mason. Richard Gray is the uploader, and the copyright of the article belongs to Douglas J. Mason.


There has been some recent articles outlining the potential health benefits of the hobby of metal detecting.  These include mood enhancement, enhanced socialization, and even a means of promoting physical health and well being. The use of metal detecting with veterans suffering from PTSD is rapidly moving into the mainstream of acceptance.  Any enthusiast can attest to the mood enhancement that accompanies the anticipation of pulling a potential relic from the clutches of the earth where it has laid undisturbed for years.  There is an inherent history lesion in nearly every outing.


But could the hobby be more than leisure and recreation? Could metal detecting actually be good for the brain? Neuropsychologist Doug Mason says yes. He is recommending the hobby to his patients who have suffered a brain insult such as a stroke or head injury to help rehab the brain and boost cognition.  Dr. Mason notes that the brain’s plasticity or ability to bounce back from injury can be further enhanced from an activity such as metal detecting. “The hobby of metal detecting requires a complex set of cognitive skills to include visual spatial processing, fine motor coordination, memory and executive functions such as problem solving and multitasking all working in unison”.  “I think there is an untapped potential in metal detecting for its use as a means of cognitive improvement and recovery.”  Dr. Mason is currently in the process of establishing a pilot program to examine the potential of metal detecting as a means of cognitive rehabilitation and enhancement.  You can learn more about Neuro cognitive rehabilitation and the functions of the brain at Dr. Mason’s website  


“I would like to thank Pancky for their generous support in taking the hobby of metal detecting in new and innovative directions”.   


Dr. Mason is a Neuropsychologist who has had a private practice in Florida for 20 years.


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