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Oak Island Treasures Found in 2022

Rick and Marty Lagina pursued the mysteries of Oak Island, creating an intriguing treasure hunt reality series that follows archaeological finds called The Curse of Oak Island.

It has become a top hit, with ten seasons already airing on television. The brothers have made incredible discoveries through metal detector finds and other hunting methods.  


Here are some of their top discoveries of Oak Island treasure found in 2022.

1. Mysterious Ship Logs

The brothers located several shipping logs showing evidence that a French armada came to Oak Island in 1746. It is theorized that the materials came from the Duc d’Anville expedition sent from France to recapture Louisbourg.

2. Maravedis Copper Coin

One of the best metal detector finds on the show happened in the first season. Steve Zazulyk discovered a Spanish Eight copper coin, which is believed to have been brought there during the 17th century.

3. Britannia Coins

More ancient coins were discovered during the second season of The Curse of Oak Island through metal detecting. Gary Drayton found two King Charles II Britannia coins along the shore. It was buried beneath some pyrite and rocks; one had 1771 stamped on its surface.

4. Knights Templar Coin

During the episode entitled “The 90-Foot Stone,” the team inspected one of the coins found that season and discovered what appeared to be a cross symbol on one side. Out of all the Oak Island treasures found in 2022 or earlier, this one offered the most hope. Could it have been used for banking purposes?

5. The Lead Cross

During a fifth season episode, one of the best archaeological finds from the series was broadcast on television. Drayton and Rick Lagina took their metal detectors to the shore and found a solid lead cross. Once examined, the artifact was thought to come from the 13th century. Further investigations link Oak Island to the Knights Templar in future episodes.

6. A Twopence Coin

The opener of the sixth season showed off another of Drayton’s and Rick Lagina’s metal detector finds. They went to an unexplored area of the island to see if there were hidden treasures. After pulling up a large boulder, they discovered copper a well-preserved cartwheel twopence underneath.

7. Gold-Plated Brooch

Drayton uses his metal detector to lock onto a signal, which Rick Lagina uses as a guide to dig up a jeweled brooch. The gem is made from leaded glass, while parts of the jewelry are gold.

8. Roman Pilum

This archaeological find was discovered using ground-penetrating radar. It was initially thought to be a crossbow bolt, but an antiquities expert says it could have been a javelin weapon the Romans used more than 2,000 years ago.

9. Gold Traces

In the second episode of season nine, the team finds a metal piece that looks like what they’ve been trying to find since the show began. The chunk is taken for further analysis, revealing that a small percentage is gold.
Each season, the mysteries of Oak Island continue to deepen as the show traces the journey of full-time treasure hunters. Their metal detector finds create unique opportunities to explore history, but you can do the same with your own equipment. Always remember to get permission to search another person’s property or when looking on public grounds.


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