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What Can I Find With a Metal Detector?

If your mind fills with dreams of lost gold hordes or historical treasure when you read this question, it may help to temper your expectations. Are there some truly amazing metal detecting finds on record? Absolutely! The Derrynaflan Horde contained over 100 pieces of Celtic gold. A pre-teen girl found a Bronze Age axe head. The biggest gold nugget on Earth – the 27kg Hand of God – was found using metal detector.
Most people start using the best metal detector[i] with the hopes of finding something interesting or valuable. Of course, the hobby also offers lots of physical and mental benefits. When focusing on the quest to find gold or other precious metals, consider what you are most likely to discover on a sunny afternoon.

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You Can Find Gold, Silver, and More

Pirate treasures? Secret hordes? The likelihood of finding this type of thing is slim, but that does not mean your metal detector could not unearth some precious metal. Most of this comes in the form of lost jewelry. Metal detecting enthusiasts often search where a lot of people hang out: parks, beaches, event groups, and similar spots.
People lose a lot of jewelry when frolicking in the waves or hiking through the woods. Some might be worth a lot of money, or you may get the opportunity to reunite someone with their lost wedding ring or other precious piece.

Historical Items Like an Old Coin

If you hunt on former battlefields or sites of historical homes or farms, the chance of finding artifacts increases. Common options include an old coin, metal buttons from uniforms, or simple bits and pieces of everyday implements. This list depends on what you consider ancient. A beer can tab from the 1980s is much more likely than a Civil War bayonet, of course. These metal detecting finds can increase the thrill factor as you join communities online to try to identify exactly what they are.

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Is Trash Truly Treasure?

Yes, you will find a lot of garbage when out and about with your metal detector. This can include anything from bottle tops to cheap, broken sunglasses. Even if you experience the letdown after hearing your machine beep, you can still feel good about helping to clean up the environment.
Some trash can be quite interesting! Do you take your metal detector into the woods? You may find quite a few shotgun shells left over from hunting season. Do you visit beaches and parks? Expect some metal toys and broken smartphones and other electronic gadgets. If you are anywhere near civilization, things like nails, bolts, and random bits of fencing wire may show up more frequently.
In the end, most people choose metal detecting for more reasons than just a quest to find some type of treasure. While it is fun to dream about discovering the next ancient relic or massive gold nugget, the activity itself is often its own reward. Get out, have fun, and discover what its hidden all around you.




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