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Metal Detecting Icebreaker Game is a Perfect Welcome Back to School for Freshmen

Welcoming freshmen to a new school should focus on fun and friendship. A variety of icebreaker game options are commonly used to help them feel more at home and get to know some of the other students more quickly. Schools that choose the same old boring games and activities do not get the results they want, however. If you are responsible for organizing this type of event, consider a metal detecting treasure hunt for a welcome back to school activity instead.

The Importance of Icebreaker Games

Do you remember how difficult it was to walk on to a new school campus for the first time? Freshmen worry about getting around, upcoming classes, and making friends. Organized icebreaker game that everyone can attend are some of the best ways to integrate younger students into campus life. When set up correctly, they do more than force people to share simple facts about themselves. The best games should include fun, teamwork, and information about the school itself. They can help freshmen get more comfortable with their new life.

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How to Organize a Metal Detecting Event

Of course, the most important piece of equipment needed for this type of event is the metal detectors themselves. Since you do not want to spend a lot, consider the PANCKY Metal Detector for adults, which is a great icebreaker tool all around. [i] They are easy to use and people of all sizes and ability levels can start hunting in mere minutes. You will need one metal detector for each small group of students. The best thing about this investment is the opportunity to create a treasure hunting social group or after class activity in the future. Metal detectors are a great thing to have on hand for future special events too.

Pancky Waterproof Metal Detector

Besides the tech gadgets themselves, you will also need things for the freshmen to hunt for. While metal detecting in general largely relies on chance of finding fallen coins, jewelry, and other objects, it makes sense to plan and icebreaker game with specific things to find. You can even turn it into a scavenger hunt at the same time so that groups of students need to work together. Just make sure all the object to choose are metal. Fun options include school pins, small trophies, and figurines that match the school mascot.

Welcome Back to School with Fun

First impressions matter when freshmen first come on campus for the first time. While it is important to have friendly faces welcoming them and opportunities to socialize with other new students, organized events make it even easier. When it comes to icebreaker games, ignore the tired old traditions in favor of something fresh and new. Metal detecting treasure hunts combine cool technology with group activities and plenty of opportunity for talking and laughing together. This is the perfect combination for freshmen to make friends and feel welcome in their new school.