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Memorial Day 2023: Activities You Can Do to Celebrate This Year

At the end of May, Memorial Day 2023 reminds us of the brave men and women who gave their lives while serving the country. Parades, ceremonies, and remembrance combine with more light-hearted and fun activities. This date also welcomes in the summer season, and backyard barbecues and campouts are common. What can you do this year to celebrate with family and friends?

Memorial Day 2023


What Are Some Great Memorial Day Events Near Me?

Check out town or county calendars for parades and ceremonies. Contact nearby military cemeteries for wreath-laying or to donate flags and flowers. Many historical sites have events planned, and a national park undoubtedly has organized hikes to enjoy. Take a trip into the city to tour a history museum and learn about the past.

Memorial Day Events

Of course, many events for Memorial Day focus on summertime fun. Even patriotic events include barbecues and bands playing a mix of traditional and modern songs. Get out with family and friends to enjoy the freedoms fought for in past conflicts.

Acts of Service for Memorial Day

Donate to local veterans’ associations or contribute flowers for military graves. Spend your time and energy on organizations that build and upgrade homes for past service members. Visit VA centers or hospitals and spread some cheer. Another great idea that focuses on the reason for the holiday includes adopting an active-duty soldier or volunteering to help with care packages sent overseas. As you remember the fallen heroes, also do what you can to support those still struggling far away from family and friends.
Consider getting involved with organizing an event, too. Bring games. Plan a cookout. Set up a metal detecting treasure hunt. This popular hobby has become quite popular for veterans. It combines physical, mental, and emotional exercise that contributes to overall wellbeing.

Best Metal Detector

Why not combine fun and adventure with something that truly helps those who deserve our respect and support? Consider planning an outing in a nearby National Park or other location when you buy a metal detector for the occasion. [i] These affordable, high-tech devices help you find everything from trash left behind by others to lost jewelry or even historical items.

Start the Summer Right with Fun Activities

When it comes to fun on Memorial Day 2023, remember that this date marks the unofficial start of the summer season. Metal detecting is an amazing hobby to start once the warm weather comes. Head out to a local park, down to the beach, or any other public place or nature area. Everyone has different favorite pastimes that work for individuals or groups. If the weather is warm enough, a local pool or lake can host your gathering. Try sports, Frisbee, geocaching, or just a hike in the great outdoors.
No matter where you find yourself this holiday, take some time out from exploring, eating grilled hotdogs, and watching fireworks shows to remember the soldiers who paid the ultimate price. After all, they are the real reason why we celebrate Memorial Day each year. They deserve the recognition and respect amid all the summertime celebration.




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