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Halloween Treats for Kids – Gifts for Holiday Fun in 2022

When you think of Halloween treats, candy comes to mind first. It is the main handout for trick-or-treat and at community events and parties. During this ghoulishly fun time of year, think outside the ordinary and consider more interesting gifts that can extend the holiday fun into other seasons.

Other Trick or Treat Options for Halloween 2022 

Whether you are concerned about allergies, health, or simply want to be known on the block as the house with the unique treats, consider something different from candy this year. Whatever you choose, it needs to be small, inexpensive, and make a great impression. You do not want to make young boys and girls upset by giving away something boring like dental floss. Choose Halloween themed items or expand the options to kid-friendly designs like fantasy, cartoons, and animals.
Some amazing Halloween 2022 treat options include:
  • Stickers – Choose large, vinyl stickers with spooky or fun images and words

  • Pencils, pens, and erasers – Halloween colors and patterns make these great

  • Glow sticks – Any glow-in-the-dark options are fun and improve safety

  • Spooky figurines – Witchy rubber ducks, plastic spiders, and stretchy skeletons

  • Slap bracelets or other accessories – Kids enjoy flashy pins, glowing necklaces, and other seasonal ideas

  • Tiny art kits – Paintable plastic pumpkins, scratch art paper, and mini-jewelry kits all make impressive giveaways

  • Slime – Little tubes of glowing or colored slime make great fun for kids


Great Halloween Treats for Year-Round Fun

If you are like a lot of families, Halloween is a great time to get together, have a party, dressed in costumes, watch spooky movies, and more. Why not give gifts that will last longer than a chocolate bar and provide more fun and value in a plastic spider?
Consider kid-appropriate harbor books and movies as gifts for the season. You can even schedule a movie night as part of your Halloween festivities. Other options include incorporating costumes into a dress-up box for creative play at other times. Let your child imagine themselves an astronaut, wizard, superhero, princess, or sports legend.


Giving a gift that encourages a new hobby or activity makes sense. Consider craft kids for seasonable images or objects that they can also use at different times of the year. For example, a painted pumpkin craft may ignite an interest in painting other things. Other options include jewelry making, needlework, age-appropriate woodworking, or model kits.


kid’s metal detector is an amazing option for Halloween adventure that lasts. When you buy from a reputable brand like PANCKY, you get a sturdy, reliable gadget that kids of all ages will love. What makes a metal detector a great seasonal gift? Consider creating a spooky treasure hunt in the backyard or basement during the party. Research local legends and head out to the park or historical site to search for coins and artifacts.

Think beyond candy this year when it comes to Halloween treats. Your kids will get plenty on their trick-or-treat adventure, but it takes more than sweets to make the occasion special. Consider alternate giveaways and more interesting gifts that can extend seasonal fun throughout the year.