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Columbus Day 2022 – Explore New Territory With Historical Activities

On the second Monday of October, people in the United States remember Columbus Day and the arrival of his three ships to the New World. Many educational activities feel school days and family time around this event. This year, you can add a unique holiday game that shares a feeling of exploration and discovery of new territory and opportunities. Whether you are a teacher looking for something to engage the interest of students or a parent interested in adding more fun to the day off, these ideas are perfect options for Columbus Day 2022.


Boat Building and Races

Create models of Columbus’s ships, the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria, from balsa wood, recyclable materials like milk cartons or plastic bottles, or fold some out of paper. Not only is this a fun craft for everyone to enjoy, but you can also make it more active by staging boat races in a tub of water in the backyard or at a local park. This is especially fun for younger kids who will have a bunch of fun coloring or painting their creations and watching them bob about on the water. Of course, even adults enjoy models, and you can ramp up the complexity as much as you want.

Columbus Daycr.Vadim Yerofeyev

Metal Detector Treasure Hunt

The urge to discover new lands with abundant resources led people long ago across the ocean on a mysterious voyage. Today, you and your class, friends, or family can re-create this type of adventure by metal detecting at a local park, point of interest, or even in your own backyard. The PANCKY metal detector for adults is the perfect tool for keeping finding new things. There are also kids models available so everyone can get involved with their own equipment. In order to make things more fun and holiday specific, consider hiding or burying trinkets made of metal or commemorative coins before getting started.
Pancky waterproof metal detectors for adults and kids

Geography Map Quest

Where did Columbus come from and where did he land in the New World? If the weather is bad on the holiday, consider staying inside and going on a Google Earth MapQuest instead. You can identify interesting locations from history and chart his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. This can be educational and fun for all.

Local Family or U-Pick Farm

All the people on Columbus’s ships and the many immigrants who came later were looking for new territory with abundant food and other resources. Another interesting way to commemorate this goal is by visiting a small local farm. Many locations have options that are open to the public either for things like hayrides and farming demonstrations or fields where you can pick your own produce. This time of year, pumpkins are popular.


Columbus Day 2022 is a great opportunity to explore new territory with your students or family. Whether you set out on a treasure quest with a metal detector or reimagine the long ocean journey of Christopher Columbus’s three ships, you will be sure to find adventure and great educational opportunities.